Outlook Not Sending Emails

Sometimes you will open your email client and your email will arrive in your inbox, but when trying to send a message you get an error message. Here are the steps to follow for Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. to fix this Outlook not sending emails error.

This is particularly likely to occur when you travel and connect through a different ISP than normal, because the ISP may block outgoing ports as a safeguard against using your connections to send spam. Having emails stuck in the Outbox is a fairly common problem in Outlook – you wrote an email, it was clicked to send, but it remains in the Outbox folder and Outlook won’t send the email no matter what you do. This article details the possible causes and solutions and applies to all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2019. If your Gmail is not working then read this useful article carefully.

If Microsoft Outlook will not send emails, the solution could be as simple as changing a setting. However, it could also be something a bit more complicated. Following common troubleshooting steps can help you fix Outlook not sending emails.

Outlook not sending emails

 Outlook Express and Windows Mail

  1. Go to Account Settings (Tools> Accounts)
  2. Click on the “Mail” tab
  3. Highlight your email account then click on “Properties”
  4. On the “Servers”, check that you are using the Green Net SMTP server. Outgoing mail (SMTP) should read “smtp.gn.apc.org”
  5. Make sure there is a check for “My server requires authentication” (“Settings” should be “same settings as incoming”).
Fix Outlook Not Sending Email Problem - Outlook Express
Fix Outlook not Sending Email Problem
  • Next, click on Advanced tab, under ‘Server port numbers’ change the outgoing mail server port from 25 to 2525 (or vice versa depending on which one you already have there. You can also try 465 with encryption). Save your changes and try sending the email again. this method only works on Outlook express and Windows mail for Outlook not sending emails error.

Note: Check if the message is now in the Sent folder or still in the outbox. to the Internet and then make sure you are working online in Outlook.

– by Mail Not Working Team
  • Look in the lower right corner of the Outlook window. If it says Disconnected, Working Offline, or Connecting, you are not connected to your email server.
  • On the Ribbon, click the Send / Receive tab You should now be in the lower right See the corner of the Connected to Server window.
  • In the Send & Receive group, click the Send / Receive All Folders button.
  • Check whether the message is now in the Sent folder or is still in the Outbox folder.


Empty the folder to delete “stuck” messages. Every message you delete must be recreated. It cannot be restored or deleted.

  1. Open the Send folder.
  2. Delete all messages in the.
  3. Quit Outlook.
  4. Restart Outlook.
  5. Try sending an email to see if the problem is resolved.
Outlook not Sending Emails - Empty send folder
Empty the SEND Folder of Outlook Mail

Check Your Status –

  1. Outlook allows you to work in either offline or online mode.
  2. To view your status in Outlook 2007 to check:
  3. Open your version of MS Outlook
  4. Click on the File tab
  5. Make sure that there is no check mark next to “Work offline”

If there is a check mark next to “Work offline,” click it to remove the check mark. If you work online, click Send and Re-Receive to send the emails in your Outbox. After doing this, maybe your error Outlook not sending emails is fixed.

Remove The Check Mark

 I cannot send emails but I can receive emails (Outlook Not Sending Emails)

If you can receive emails but cannot send emails, this usually means that the authentication required by the outgoing server (SMTP) is not configured. If you are unable to send or receive emails, it is most likely your IP Address has been automatically banned, please refer to this article instead.

 Please check the following before contacting us.

  1. My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ It is not checked. In Outlook it is in advanced settings
  2. not authenticating with the correct email account. You must authenticate with the same account you are sending from., Boby@yourdomainname.com CANNOT authenticate to send email using josh@yourdomainname.com
  3. Check if the TCP / IP protocol is enabled
    1. If you continue to have problems even after switching to a different profile, you can check that TCP / IP is set as the default protocol, right click on your internet connection and go to Properties. On the Network tab, make sure that Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6) is enabled. If not, activate it. Click OK.
  4. Activate authentication.
    1. Select the Tools menu in Outlook> Go to Email Accounts
    2. Click on View or change existing email accounts> Next
    3. Select an email account> click on Change> More Settings
    4. Go to the outgoing server > Click OK> Apply> Finish

If the problem persists, You can also use this guide where we will tell you what to do if outlook emails get stuck in your outbox. If nothing works, It might work it is time to take advantage of a third-party email service to fix outlook not sending emails problem.

We hope that at least one of these solutions solved your problem with email in Outlook. If you have any comments, feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

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